Sunday, April 24, 2005

Labor Day!

Me delivered already! BB Edie weighs 2.81kg (not 3.3kg as predicted)! She was born 10:00 am on Friday 22 Apr by natural with epi and vacuum.

There's my frightful story:

Thur 21 Apr 8:30am: Went for checkup, bb's fine, not engaged but amniotic fluid drop further. Dr Selina suggested induced.

Thur 21 Apr 9:30am: CTG followed by cervix checked and then one pill inserted.

Thur 21 Apr 11:30am: cervix checked, still not soft yet. Went for lunch.

Thur 21 Apr 12:00noon: starts to feel contractions.

Thur 21 Apr 1:50pm: went back for CTG

Thur 21 Apr 2:30pm: cervix checked, 1cm dilated, BB's fine. Was told to go home if still can stand the contractions and admitted later at 11:30pm.

Thur 21 Apr 6:00pm: contractions already 3mins apart, but still can stand. So showered and ate dinner. Admitted at MEH at 11:30pm.

Thur 21 Apr 11:30pm: gynae checked, 2cm dilated, broke waterbag.

Fri 22Apr 12:00midnite: contractions getting frequent and strong, but still bearable.

Fri 22Apr 2:00am: Dr Selina came, still 2cm, so she starts the drip. Contractions then came a few seconds apart and very very strong (she commented that it have to be done so). Can't sleep and very very painful.

Fri 22Apr 4:00am: Dr Selina checked, still 2cm and she suggested epi so I could get some rest. Epi commenced and I finally managed some sleep.

Fri 22Apr 6:30am: cervix dilated to 6cm, but BB's high and refused to engaged. Dr Selina told me to give BB one more chance till 8:30am, if still not much progress, then epi C-sect. Nurse also started emptying my urine by inserting the tube (she said BB might not engaged if bladders full and epi very difficult to urine).

Fri 22Apr 6:30am - 8:15am: started praying and so funny, contractions getting unbearable, so asked for stronger dose of epi. Very heavy show. Epi not very effective, asked for even stronger dose.

Fri 22Apr 8:15am: Dr Selina came and checked, fully dilated and BB's engaged!! *very strange*

Fri 22Apr 8:45am: Epi dosage decreased and started pushing.

Fri 22Apr 9:45am: Dr Selina came, very tired and still not much progress with the pushing (5cm). She suggested vacuum since BB's head already elongged by my pushing.

Fri 22Apr 10:00am: Final pushed and BB's out with vacuum. BB's was put on my tummy while Vincent cutted the cord. BB's bluish but quickly turned pinkish while she was weighed and cleaned out. I delivered the placenta and was stitches up. Dr Selina didn't cut me, I was told that I only suffered some very minor tear.

Fri 22Apr 10:30am - 11:00am: Nurses cleaned me up and massaged my womb (very very painful) was shivering during this period. Later transferred to ward with BB.