Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Our Kuching Trip

We took a few days off and went back to Kuching to do Little Gal's passport.

As hers was done in a rush (that time we were in Singapore), thus hers was a Johore passport, thats follows mine with a A. Daddy wasn't very happy about it, he insisted that she should have a K passport.

We took Air Asia, and immediately when we took the rental car from Hertz, we went directly to the immigration. We spend half a day here and the passport still not done yet. Luckily Daddy booked two day hotel in Kuching (as he also insisted that they cannot do it in one day as they claimed). The third day, we drove up to Sibu then Bintulu. Fourth day, Bintulu back down. We also get to spend sometime with second aunt and third aunt.

Kuching have changed since we last went. It sort of moulded into something that what I would want when I retired... Maybe this is it... what we have been looking for... is what we have left behind...

Friday, January 01, 2010

Sometimes, what we have left behind...

is what we have been looking for, all these whiles...
(Kuching, Dec 2009)

Happy 2010!

She is already sleeping but he was still active and awake...

As usual, the pretty fireworks from our house in Mutiara Damansara... this is going to be the last time we watch them...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Bad Fall

He was always in a hurry. After taking the last bite of the bread, he rushed off to watch the TV, on the way, he tripped and fell. When I rushed to him, he was face down and blood tricked onto the floor.

Daddy again tried to blame me, luckily Little Gal was there. She told Daddy "Its not her, its Ah Wei! He walked here and there and fall down! I saw it!!"

A Raffles Hotel Wedding

Its 21 Nov!

They were the high school lovers, then went to the same Poly and university. After almost 20 years, after all that talk, they finally tie the knot.

Ting Ting and I went over early in the morning. The groom was not there yet. The "sisters" were busy rehersing on how they are going to "punish" the groom when he's here. The groom was quite on time, after a few runs of eating bitter gout, chillies with wasabi, some other funny stuffs, then ended with blue chesse. Finally, he was to declare his love for her by a contact "My money is your money. You money is your own money!" Then he sealed with a kiss.

The couple then went over to the groom's house.

We went to Raffles Hotel later which they were there for the ROM, then the buffet lunch and then the tea ceremony. Everything was done all in one day before 3pm.

The couple went back to the US the day after.

Early X'Mas Lights in Orchard Road

We were back in Singapore to attend my sister's wedding and we bought the kids to see the early X'Mas lights in Orchard Road. Little gal was excited but the boy was kinda afraid when he saw so many people.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Her First Concert

Its her first concert in Smart Readers. They have it in Sri KL with another three Smart Readers. Little Gal took part in one of the dance.

Ah Wei waiting to go in...

Little gal with the make-up

Ah Wei enjoying himself

The other peformances,

Then come hers,

The Grand Finale,

After concerts,

With her fav Jing Yi Jie Jie

But she cannot find Colin Gor Gor to take a picture...
(Colin went back early as his father needs to open the resturant)

She was so tired...

40 Days of Agony

At the end of our Raya Sales in early Oct, while on our way to SS2 for our dinner, our car was hit by a car behind. He claimed that he was going to stop by instead of the brake, he stepped on the accelarator. I was hurted as I was sitting on the last row. My head bumped on something, I have no idea what it was, but, it was hurting.

Keny, being a good friend, lent us his car. This lenting then go on for 40 days... the car was on the queue for 30 days until Toyota decided to do something about it...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Miserable Week

It started on last Sunday. Little Gal just started puking outside, scolded her, then she still continued in her room. She told me she was weak and really not feeling well. I immediately bring her to the doctor, she was puking all the way here. Then she vomited again in the doctor office, then again when I was paying. After the medicine, she KO and was all okay on Monday.

But on Tuesday, Ah Wei started vomitting during the night. Then Ting Ting went on diarrhea. To make thing worest, we have got to meet up with the contractors to disscus on the things to be done for our new house. Vincent refused to let me stay home and take care of the children, instead we all have to be here, with Ting Ting rushing to the toilet and Ah Wei clinging to me.

I have a confession to make... I called Mother on Wednesday and told her about Ah Wei... she immediately booked a ticket that afternoon... With them around, somehow lessen my burden...

Ting Ting was much better on Thursday, she vomitted once and diarrhea a few times. Ah Wei have more diarrhea. He condition continued on to Thursday, which I then made a trip to Dr Lee for the diarrhea medicine. His diarrhea stopped after the medicine.

Mother then started to vomit and diarrhea on Friday. Vincent also felt unwell. So we packed dinner and went home early. To our horror, there was no water! I made a call to PUSPAL, one of the water pipe burst in our area. They said they needed two hours to repair. Mother meanwhile diarrhea two times. We waited and waited, still no water, they said they might need to work until midnight. Midnight, still no water, we stopped waiting...

Next morning, I called again, still repairing... I told them that they have got no efficient. Went to work feeling like crap... no water to even wash hands or face, toilets smell vomitant and shitty...

The water came in about 9pm that night. Finally, we get to clean ourselves up and washed the bottles for the children. Father started to feel unwell on Sunday... they went back unwell even on Wednesday, I've been feeling quite bad about that... The kids however, were so happy to see their grandparents...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raya Holidays - Cameron Highlands 2009

We booked two hotel rooms in Equatorial Hotel for three days two nights. Journey up the highlands was much bearable when Daddy decided to take the Simpan Pulai route, but that doesn't help much for Baby. He still vomited two times up.

The place is packed with people, traffic jams every nite when we wanted to travel from Kea Farm to Brinchang for dinner (usually takes 15minutes), the first nite took us 2 hours! The price also double for everything, hotel rooms to strawberry picking.

Neverthless, Little Gal enjoys the holiday, she loves the flowers, butterfly and even the bees... But poor Little Guy vomitted all the way home...