Monday, August 29, 2005

BBQ At East Coast Park

Today was a very bizarre night... I was relenting to bring Edlynne out for the BBQ as its still in the month of the Hungry Ghost Festive, plus it's not in doors but out in the dark.

Edlynne was Okay at first, daddy even bought her to the beach to look at the waves. Later in the evening she was getting a bit unsettled, while I was playing with her, she suddenly looked up the trees and screamed! She kicked, screamed and cried. I tried to push her away and she was fine but when I wheeled her back to the BBQ pit, the same thing happened! In the end we have to cut short of the BBQ and head for home. Edlynne finally smiles while we tucked her in her car seat.

We got a lashed from mother and father after we told them about the incident.