Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Big Move ( 17 - 20 Jul )

Finally, its time for us to move. Its a two & a half days packing ( 17 - 19 Jul ), then we have to travel to KL immediately after they finished and the movers traveled overnite after they sorted out and moved to the Malaysian truck. They arrived the next morning on the 20th Jul. Its a whole day unpacking and then we have to clean up on the 21st Jul.

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Boxes of stuffs

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Its amazing to see how they packed. They packed almost everything and so nicely wrapped up. We just needs to pack our clothes (dun wanna let them touch our undies : ) )

There were some hiccups and unhappiness, but we've sorted them out.

We were also gladful that Mother & Father, second BIL (Julius) & SIL (Carol) were there to help out (although Tristan was more of a trouble than help : P ).