Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brother & Sally Wedding Day (Part 1)

We went back to Singapore despite it was our last two days of the Year End Anniversary Sale just so we can attend Brother & Sally's wedding. All our customers, you should be understanding... anyway, the Ampang outlet still open for the sales...

The kiddos were happy to stay over at Brothers, they were delighted to find their photos in the room that Sally have prepared for them.

Wedding day, Mother & Father have came over early for the tea ceremony. Triston was waiting downstairs to open the car door. Vincent and me were hidding in the room cos we are tigers, we were not supposed to be "outside" when the bride entered.

Tea ceremony was brief and then the bride dressed again to go back to her place and to take outdoors pictures. We stayed and have the tea buffet : )

We brought the kids for a ride (so they can fall asleep) then came back and rest for a while before heading for the wedding dinner...