Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Trip To Lumut

It is yet another Tuesday. This time Daddy decided to bring us on a day trip to Lumut. Drive was peaceful as the little ones were sleeping most of the time...

It was no long when we reached Teluk Itan or best known as "An Shun" (the famous Chee Cheong Fun).

Teluk Itan is famous for the tower,

The tower is slanted and a oriental version of Pisa.

We then stopped for lunch and settled for some chicken rice (cos we cannot find any Chee Cheong Fun).

Next, we continued to Lumut...

Lumut is the exit point to Pangkok Island. We tried to find the ferry to Pangkok but decided against it, since it was already very late.

Then we went to the nearby Batik Beach,

As it is very hot, we only stay for a while and then made our way back home...

At home,

The kids have a fun time playing with bubbles,

What a relaxing day... hope everyday is like that...