Monday, February 08, 2010

Our Kuching Trip

We took a few days off and went back to Kuching to do Little Gal's passport.

As hers was done in a rush (that time we were in Singapore), thus hers was a Johore passport, thats follows mine with a A. Daddy wasn't very happy about it, he insisted that she should have a K passport.

We took Air Asia, and immediately when we took the rental car from Hertz, we went directly to the immigration. We spend half a day here and the passport still not done yet. Luckily Daddy booked two day hotel in Kuching (as he also insisted that they cannot do it in one day as they claimed). The third day, we drove up to Sibu then Bintulu. Fourth day, Bintulu back down. We also get to spend sometime with second aunt and third aunt.

Kuching have changed since we last went. It sort of moulded into something that what I would want when I retired... Maybe this is it... what we have been looking for... is what we have left behind...