Friday, November 27, 2009

A Raffles Hotel Wedding

Its 21 Nov!

They were the high school lovers, then went to the same Poly and university. After almost 20 years, after all that talk, they finally tie the knot.

Ting Ting and I went over early in the morning. The groom was not there yet. The "sisters" were busy rehersing on how they are going to "punish" the groom when he's here. The groom was quite on time, after a few runs of eating bitter gout, chillies with wasabi, some other funny stuffs, then ended with blue chesse. Finally, he was to declare his love for her by a contact "My money is your money. You money is your own money!" Then he sealed with a kiss.

The couple then went over to the groom's house.

We went to Raffles Hotel later which they were there for the ROM, then the buffet lunch and then the tea ceremony. Everything was done all in one day before 3pm.

The couple went back to the US the day after.