Sunday, May 22, 2005

First Month

Its Edlynne 1st Month today. Daddy keep telling her that its her big day today and she is a big gal now, have to be guai guai.

We have to pick up mother from Parkview this morning as she insisted to come along for Edlynne's shaving. Edlynne shaved at Fanastic Sam at The Forum and we have discovered that she have a blister on the back of her head which looks exactly like a gun shot.

After shaving its a mad rush to send mother back to Parkview, returned to Warren to bath Edlynne, fed her and then rushed to Breadtalk to get her cake and back to Parkview for the celebration.

Overall the food catered was good and in large quanity, however the mood of the party was damped by the heavy rain... Edlynne was indifference to all these, she woke up for two feeds and spent most of the time in dreamland...