Sunday, October 23, 2005

The case of missing Patrick & The Tumble Tots Trial

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We have a Tumble Tots Trial today and Edlynne gets to meet some of the babies from the Singapore Motherhood forum. The class starts at 2 pm, so Daddy suggested to have luch at Changi Village then to the National Library before going to the class.

The National Library was grand looking, however there wasn't much collection, so after looking for a while, we decided to leave for the class.

It was good that we did so as the carpark at Specialist Cemtre was full, there was another John Little Sales. After parking, we found that Edlynne's toy dog - Patrick was lost! She must have drop it in the library. No choice, we have to go for the class, with or without Patrick...

At the Tumble Tots Trial, we get to meet some of the mummies that I've been communicating with for the first time. Edlynne was the youngest in the group. The class consisted of music, play, massage and physical activites. Edlynne became cranky and sleepy towards the end of the class. We have to end early as she was tired and could not do most of the gym. Edlynne was so tired that she immediately dozzed off after we stepped out of the class.