Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bali - Day 7 (last day)

It was our last day in Bali. Vincent decided to go ahead for the spa while I look after Edlynne and packed the stuffs.

Edlynne in her cot while I packed.

Lunch at the airport resturant.

Edlynne in her Garuda bassinet. Posted by Picasa

Vincent took a Javanese Lulur spa package from one of the spa opposite of the hotel. It was cheap at a price of S$15 for a 1hr 45min treatment. The Javanese Lulur is a 17th century Javanese royal treatment, it consists of a one-hour massage, followed by scrub with lulur (turmeric, sandal wood and rice powder) to remove dead skin, then an exfoliation with yoghurt to elimate toxin, and ends with soaking in aromatic flowers bath while slipping ginger tea. He looks refreshing after the spa (Envy!).

The hotel staffs help us with the luagges when they passed by and saw that we could not handle both the bags and also with Edlynne. One of them took the bags while the other carried Edlynne. They then gathered over her to say goodbye, they looks so sad. I guessed they must have feelings for her since she have been spending the mornings with them for the whole week.

We went to the airport on time and found that the flight was delayed, in addition we secured a bassinet for her. Edlynne was also strangly well behaved on flight although at one point she tried to pull the shirt of a gentlemen seating besides Vincent. She didn't fuss while take off and ending, but she ended the journey with a major poo and sended us to look for a changing room for her.