Friday, January 13, 2006

New Zealand Trip

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We are now busy planning our coming NZ trip. Last time we went to North Island for Vincent's interview and this time he wanted to finish the South Island tour.

Managed to get our tickets from Pricebreaker as the Air New Zealand online was full for the dates that we've wanted. Can't believe the taxes... last time we went to North Island, where got such thing *sian*

This time we will not be bring Edlynne as Daddy wanted to do some adventure... me also think not as Daddy will be driving quite long hours during the day, then have to take care of the princess... he will tired out...

All these plannings really bring back the memories... sometimes I wondered did we made the wrong choice by staying... what if we took that job offered that time? Edlynne will be a Kiwi by now... will she be free and happy? Don't know... just hope we've made the right choice...