Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Edlynne little bag of tricks

That little gal have started to show hand signals since she mastered the bye bye sign. Now whenever she is in good mood, she will response to "bye bye", "clap clap hand" and "hello". I am now teaching her "flying kiss" and "high five".

"Bye bye" is waving of her hand/hands, "clap clap hand" is clapping and "hello" is hand to ear, like when we were using the phone.

Recently we were watching the Channel 54 Jacky Wu program and there was this part that they tried to match made some couples. The guy called the gal via a phone. When the guy placed the phone to his ear, Edlynne imitated. When they said bye bye and hang up the phone, I saw Edlynne waving :) Its so funny :)

Edlynne was also very happy every morning when she saw Daddy waking up. She even claps her hands! Its so fun watching her do her tricks. Dunno what she will pick up next :)