Saturday, July 29, 2006


Its been quite sometime since I last updated about Edlynne's progression. Her ninth and tenth teeth (strange as its her lower canine and not first molar) have already popped and becos of this, she have refused solids for almost a month now. She would always shaked her head and waved her hands when we passed her some food, she wan't even interested in our food.

That little gal however progressed well with her walking (although its a bit late). She wan't interested in walking while in her 14th month but when she reached her 15th month, she quickly progress from her usual 2 steps to 3 steps, then 6 steps, 20 steps and now, she is a walker. Although slow but she tried more to walk then crawl, she still crawl when she wanted fast action or when she's tired.

She can at times be a devil when she's screaming at her rather sharp pitch, but an angel when she's looking at us lovingly and kiss us.

I've also been getting more comments that she is begining to look more and more like me : )