Friday, April 10, 2009


Most people who know me will think that I'm a Singaporean, I cannot speak Malay, not at all. All I have taken was two years of Kindergarden in a Church here, and all they teached in English and Chinese.

Why? Because my mother failed to register me when I was 5 years old. She didn't know that Chinese Schools need two years of regisration. Then when I was 6 years old, none of the Chinese Schools have space for me.

Next, she tried the government schools... We got a shock from the uniforms and school bus... Thus, she sent me to Singapore. Maybe it is a blessing, but I grew up traveling across the straits for my education.

Now, its my turn, friends and Ting Ting's school have reminded me that next year I will have to make a choice. Its Chinese Schools (and which one) versus private school. Her teachers have secretly discussed between themselves and told me thereafter that they think that Pei Hwa (2nd branch) would be a good match for Ting Ting as she is English speaking like the students there. Daddy would like to send her to Yu Chai just next to Keny's house but we were worried of the spliting of sessions for the slow learners and the fast learners. I, on the other hand would really love to send her to Seri Nobel as they focus more on developing character.

What to do... we will have to make a decision by year end...