Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday (11 Nov). Thanks Ruimei, Jac., mum & sister, the mummies from Singapore Motherhood and you know who you are, for sending birthday wishes to me.

Took half day, went home to sleep, then shopping and dinner. Vincent allowed me to get a new bag! Yah! People have been asking if I used his money, thus needed to ask for permission, answer is "NO". I pay myself one loh! Just that I wanted to respect him and also to stop his nagging. Anyway, I've got a new burberry bag (again)! Its big enough to put Edlynne's stuffs and Vincent's camera in it. Dinner was at the new Crystal Jade noodle shop as Vincent do not feel like taking anything heavy.

After dinner we met up with Vincent's frens at Foster. Managed to get a parking lot in Holland V. What good luck! Have passed them the gifts from Bali. I think the necklace looks nice on Joan. Gloria was carrying Edlynne while Joan was trying to take her fotos, but Edlynne was looking at the artiste as he was singing "Take a look at me now...". So funny!

Edlynne again took some milk and off to dreamland...

P/S: Still awaiting fotos from Maram.