Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wisdom tooth extraction

Went for my long awaiting tooth extraction yesterday. I was told that my bottom right wisdom tooth was decaying and was advised to extract it before it affects my other good tooth. And while extracting this, its also best to extract my top right wisdom tooth too, as it will be chewing on my gums if I didn't take it off.

I was in Mt. E. from 10 am as hubby needs to see the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist for his terrible sore throat. Then I bought Edlynne along with me to the eighth floor when its about 10:30 am for my appointment. We waited till 11 am while Edlynne played with the receptionist and the other patients. Maybe she could sense my fear, she kept calling me to kiss me.

The procedure took 1 hour and a week MC for me to rest. Strangly, it was painless and still painless now even the G.A. was gone and without pain killers. I strongly recommend Dr Neo to anybody who is afraid of dentist like me :)

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Both wisdom tooth

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The bottom wisdom tooth. Cut into half during the operation.

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Dr. Neo

And lastly... no... the tooth fairy didn't turn up... or maybe I'm too tired to notice...