Saturday, May 26, 2007

Finally Sick

For dunno what reason, she was extremely hot after her nap in the shop. We took her temperature when we reached home and its 39C. Daddy bathed her and took the temperature again. Its now 38C.

Immediately we bought her to the nearby 24Hrs clinic. I do not quite like the idea of a nite clinic cos in Malaysia, its reported that sometimes the doctor in the night shift might not be a registrated license doctor. But still Daddy insisted that its too much to go to hospital for a fever.

The doctor took Edlynne temperature and she said normal *strange*. We insisted that she was running on one, the only she took the armpit temperature. Sure enough 37.6C.Check for HFM, nil, only a bit of sore throat. So its the starting of a flu.

Few days later, she started running nose. It didn't affect her mood at all. Kept taking the tissue and blowed her nose. Sometimes she even make the mucus to spite us. Notti gal!

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The running nose went away after a week.