Saturday, July 14, 2007

Movie Nite

It have been Wednesday nite, movie nite since we found out that its only RM6 per ticket on that day. So RM12 can take us three to watch a movie. So much better than those DVDs that you found on the street.
Little gal first movie attempt was a flop, she vomitted at the ticket office, dirtying Daddy and we have to take her back home. Then we found out that she was having a temperature...
Second attempt - Took her temperature before we go, ok, normal. Lots of people at the ticketing office wanting to catch the sneak preview of Transformers, but we were going to watch Fantastic Four. No good tickets. So we went to get dinner first. We have dinner at one of the Japanses resturant, little gal was fascinated by the sushi converger belts. She tried to grad every sushi that pass by : )
After dinner, we went back to the ticketing office, this time we managed to get some better seats after they released the booked tickets. We fight with the Transformers crowd to get into the cinema, changed her before getting in and made her milk. Little gal was alright with the darkness and the loud noises. She quietly sitted with Daddy and drank her milk. We all managed to watch our movie in silence. But its a bit errie seating next to the "House Seats" where each of the cinemas reserved some for. I've always heard about them but never really see any since the cinemas in Singapore are always full.
Two weeks later, last Wednesday, we thought it would be alright to watch Transformers now, after such a long time, but alas, this time was to fight with the Harry Potter crowd. With these two movies in tow, there was no more seats left when we reached the ticketing office...

Whats little gal looking at?

The famous, stolen and returned Holmer Simpson