Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Ting Ting (Part 2)

On her birthday, we ordered a cake for her to take to the school. Then I did some party bags for her to distribute. She kept telling people that its her birthday, 22 Apr and she is now 4 years old : )

For her cake, I tried to order a Princess one three days ago but the website owner was a very strange lady. She refuses to tell me a price for the cake, just asked me how much I can paid for it and if the price I quoted was too low, then she will not do it. When we agreed on a price, she did not let me know her bank account, instead, she sent over a "contract" asked me to agree on it before she let me know her banking details... It was a bit too much for me (We have a online store too leh), so I just take up the Secret Receipt cakes.

Little gal wanted the Power Puff Gals, but it was a bit too small, so I took another Mud Pie Cake for her.

Pictures were taken by Teacher Celine, seems like she had a fun time...