Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Edlynne's 7th Month & Finally she crawls!

Its Edlynne 7th month today! Vincent have again mentioned that I should wean her off since I've been breast feeding for 7 months now.

After dinner we placed Edlynne on the playmat while Vincent was working on the computer and I was washing her bottles. Vincent quickly called me to look at Edlynne. She was crawling! Wow!

This was another pleasant surprise. One other surprise was that she can pronouced "Pa Pa". She did it in a sad and angry way which Vincent have denied that she was calling him. But still its nice to hear her calling "Pa Pa".

I can still remember Edlynne as the small baby, she was so small when bornt, with her whole head so fragile and helpless on my palm. Now she can crawl! Soon she can walk, then she will leave us...

With this thought, I planted more kisses on her.