Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Updates

Both hubby & I were on soft diet for the last few days. Him having a serious sore throat and me healing from my tooth extraction.

I managed to get a 5 days MC and was resting until today. Life at home was a bliss! I'm now looking forward to my life as a SAHM J

We have some movers over to view the stuffs that we wanna move over to KL and hopefully the cost won't be too much as I really don't wanna go shopping for the whole house again after the last mayhem. Little Edlynne was very happy to see all the guests, she greeted them with a friendly wave, followed them around and then a goodbye wave or even a "flying kiss". That little gal has learnt a few tricks during these few days. She can now kiss us when instructed. Previously she would kiss us only when she feels like it, but now she did it quite freely. She also likes to sit on my lap when I sit on the floor. The first few times she would come by my side, then hold on to me, turned and twisted and finally settled on my lap and played with her toys. Now, whenever she saw me sitting on the floor, she will come and rearranged herself J

She also mastered the sitting to standing technique and will do it to amuse us. I really hope she can start walking as it gets really tiring to carry a wriggling baby all the time.

Yesterday, we went for Edlynne's one year assessment. Dr Terrance Tan was too busy and we went for Dr Lee instead. Edlynne was still light at 7 kg, only 2 percentile growth, and height at 25 percentile growth. Dr Lee analyzed her meals at 600 ml pf milk and two full bowls of porridge per day, that Edlynne wasn't a small eater or malnutrition. It might be the case of over active. So Dr Lee suggested Pedisure. I can't believe it, all these time, Edlynne was trying to reach for the table to destroy the toys and files after she got sick of the playing with the sweet.

Last nite was a turbulence nite, Edlynne cried pitifully for two times in a row. I think she must be having nitemares as she was still sleeping when she cried and it took hubby some time to calm her down and pat her back to sleep.

This morning I started Edlynne on Pedisure and thank god she don't have any problem and finished the milk. Hopefully she can go on and put on some weight...