Friday, January 26, 2007

Mei Mei, I love you!

I just have to blog this!

Edlynne was alway in the shop with us while we work and she gets exposed to all types of children and babies in this nature. Some are very rough but most very friendly with her...

Yesterday, a mother and her boy came in. She commented that they have just shifted in nearby. He was about three or four, he keep asking if he can call me aunty and whats Edlynne's name. They then decided to call her Mei Mei. He's been really friendly with Edlynne and when its time to leave. He ran back and shouted "Mei Mei, I love you!", he even hug and tried to give Edlynne a kiss on her cheek. But Little gal protested and pushed him away : ) His mum teased that his son was trying to woo her : )

I told Daddy afterwards and he commented "What does that little boy knows about love!"