Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Busy Day

Foto taken at Nova studio before going to ICA

Previous fotos. Look how much she changed!

Last Tuesday, we went on another day trip back to Singapore. As we knew that its gonna be a packed trip, we started as early as 4:30am. But due to some major construction in Skudai, we only managed to reach JB at 8:30am, where brother was already waiting for us. A bit of traffic jam and time lost to send my mom back home, set us to 10:30am when we reached Parkview. We immediately took the car after little gal changed her clothes and diapers. Reached ICA at about 11:15am, where we applied the long term social visit pass for Edlynne, took us maybe half an hour, then we went to chop our new passport with the SPR Dept.

It was about noon after we were done and we went straight to get my breast pump accessories. Then lunch at Balestier before going back to collect Edlynne's passport at 2:30pm. Then a mad rush to Mt.E hospital for my 3pm checkup. Edlynne slept for a while but woke up when we reached the hospital, just in time to see DiDi.

The detail scan shown that its a very healthy boy (confirmed 100%). Daddy was complaining that baby was not very active as compared to little gal. Little gal on the other hand was playing happily with the nurses and waving to the MTBs.

It was closed to 5pm when we left Parkview. Took a cab to the Causeway, with daddy carrying little gal and me taking the bags, we took the bus over to JB, walked to City Square and then drove back home. Stopping mid-way at Pagoh for dinner, we finally managed to reach home at 11pm...