Monday, July 30, 2007

Finally finished...

Finally watched "The Order of the Phoenix" on last Wednesday and finished "The Deathly Hallows" on Saturday nite *tired*.

There wasn't much people watching this show, so we managed to get a couple seat and Edlynne could sitted between us. But alas, shw wasn't interested in the show, she still watches in silence, but could see that she was not as engaged as "Transformers".

But she was alawys looking forward of me reading the book besides her while she drank her milk every nite. She would take the book to me and then settled on the bed with her milk : )

And yes, with the price war going with Tesco, Carrefour and the major bookstores, I managed to get the RM69.90 book : ) This doesn't mean that I approved of what Tesco and Carrefour sis (being a retailer myself), but just can't helped my self : ) I've got it at about 9pm on the first day of released... There were only less than 5 books (adult version) left on the shelf in Tesco, Mutiara Damasara...

She made this hat in school. Guess its must be the "Harry Potter" effect : )