Saturday, July 28, 2007


Its Wednesday nite, movie nite again. Daddy always wanted to watch this movie ever since the news on the Transformers Reebok's shoes sold in Japan. But we couldn't get the 9:30pm seats, as for the 11pm show, only the fornt three rows were avalible. We immediately took it, have dinner and then went home to bath and changed.

Little gal was still wide awake when we reached the cinema, she was curious of the popcorns from our neighbours. She then turned and waved to the back rows : ) But when the movie started, she has settled down and was glued to the screen. She was so engrossed that she didn't even drank her milk. During the battles, she was very excited, kept pointing her fingers and then yelled to me.

Could see that she really enjoyed the show, she even told me "beat! beat!" while in the car. But, by the time we reached home, she was already in lala land : )