Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Week 30 Scan

I know I havn't been talking alot about No.2 (aka. Ah Wei) but I have been searching for gynaes and hospital in KL despite my late pregnancy. One of my customer told me about this wonderful female gynae that she have been visiting in Tmn Desa Hospital, although its a bit far from where she lives (near our shop). I took a bit of time searching about Dr. Tang and found out that she also practise in Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC). I quickly made an appointment with her.
The hospital, procedures and Dr Tang are good enough for me (although I do hope that I can still have Dr Selina), so I will be sticking to this. Damansara Specialist seem a bit "funny" for not talking to me about tests I should do, and they don't even to check my weigh and urine when I vist.
Enough of hospital... No.2 is now week 32. He was week 30 when I visit Dr Tang, weighs 1.5kg and have been growing well. My fibriods were gone : ) Now at week 32, I'm back to my first few months of constant hunger and boy, my tummy looks like I'm having twins (in fact even bigger than my customers whom having triplets). I needs to sit more and can't really carry heavy stuffs, not even my super light gal. I havn't prepare his stuffs yet but I can always do last minute and there are ready avalible things in the store : )
Hopefully I can last until my birthday and trainings for my two staffs are done and they are ready to take over my role in the shop...