Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last Day in School

Her two best frens
I'm so bad, only managed to tell her teachers on the 30th that she will not be continuing there in August.
Come 31 Jul, I told Daddy to get back her stuffs when he picked her up. Daddy later told me that they held a mini-party for her and her eyes were red. Seems like she knew...
Sometimes I wondered whether I'm too heartless to separate her from her frens and the familar surroundings, but to think of her geeting the bad habits, sick every month, no weigh gain, not much increase in vocab and zero sign of being potty trained... I just have to act.
The new place is just across the LDP from our shop and behind Damansara Specialist Hospital. Its introduced by one of our customers. Teacher Roseline needs to interview Edlynne first, but of-cos, who can reject little gal : )
Teacher Roseline was an ex-Kindergarden teacher, she is a nanny but she also teaches them. Edlynne seems okay when we left her. I called teacher later and she told me that Edlynne was alright and seems happy there. She ate 3/4 bowl of porridge, some noodle and rice, and have no problem with the shower. And no, she didn't cry (I knew it).
Later when Daddy picked her up, we noticed Edlynne was diaperless, teacher had already started to potty trained her. Her nails were even cutted! We hope to see more progress in her...