Monday, September 10, 2007

Daddy's Birthday

Vincent's birthday falls on the 5 Sept, dun ask me how old we were, cos I already lost count once I've turned 30th ages ago...

Anyway, we went to Meizi steamboat after we closed the shop...

Father, Mother & Brother came for his birthday on Saturday. We went to Resturant No.23 in Paramount after we closed for the day.

And Sunday, we woke up early to Setia Alam to view the houses. Little gal was excited once we reached Setia Ecopark as they were having free hot-air balloon rides and helicopter rides. But we have no time as we need to open for biz today. So we chop chop finished viewing Ecopark and went to the Setia Alam show houses.

First we started with the 22 x 75 link houses, then 25 x 75 link and guided houses, then semi-d houses. Father and brother were initially shaking their heads, then getting much better as we went along. Then finally they settled for the semi-ds.

So, this is Vincent's birthday gift :

We think that the place is too big for our small family but we really appreciate that. The rent in Mutiara Damansara really took a toll on us. We still have to bear with it until it's build up in end 2008.

Night comes, we have dinner at SS2, New Paris resturant.

Little gal was tired after the dinner, and slept after bathing and milk : )