Monday, June 01, 2009

Update: The Little Gal

Just finished my Meet-The-Parent session with her teacher...

Basically little gal needs improvement in her mirror images and she also needs more social improvement (this daddy disagree). I have found out that she have mirror images when supervising her home works (yes, dispite of my work, I still makes time to supervise her), especially, "g" "b" "d" "j" and number "7".

But socially *hmm*, she socialise well with the customers in the shop, sometimes quite irritating and sometimes terrorise the other children... teacher mentioned that she choose her friends, she only play with those that heed to her orders (yes, according to her, she ordered them around), and she refuses to share (this I disagree, she do share sometimes with Ah Wei, but not on things that she really likes, eg. pink color stuffs). Hmm.. did my little gal, whom cute and polite suddenly turned around into a demanding queen in school...

My take of my little gal was that she was indeed cute, very much my dream child, she was always polite, always asked before she take and she always says excuse me and thank you. She loves her brother, don't really make "small tips" on him and didn't hit him even thou I'm not around (I secretly spied on them alone), she always drew him together with Daddy ("Daddy carrying Ah Wei", she said), then me, then her Grandma, then her and Grandpa (she said, "Ye Ye hold Ting Ting's hand). She dance for me after her ballet classes and tell me about her "Collin Gor Gor".

My little gal... I love you (she will say "Yes, I know" "enough already") : )