Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival

Its a mad rush to go back to Singapore for some teats and then back to KL in one day. KL have been low on teats for almost 3 months and mummies are desparte. Its kinda sad to see them in such a state since some of them have been our regulars.

We started driving from 6 am and reaches JB at about 9:30am, took the bus across the Causeway, then taxi to Parkview. Little gal was reluctant when we left her there. We then went around looking for some good buy. Its almost 3pm when we went back to Parkview to load some more goods. Then back to JB to unload them. Little gal was happy to see Daddy, she immediately took her shoes and said goodbyes. But was sad when we told her to stay put. Daddy then decided to bring her after she bursted into tears.

The whole process ended at almost 7pm when we finally reached our car in JB and started heading back. Then closed to 12 midnite. We were all tired and couldn't have any lanther fun.

To make up, we have it on the next day : )