Monday, November 28, 2005

Cousin Jien Hui's Wedding (Part 2 - Dinner)

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Dinner was at Mandarin Hotel that nite, 64 tables! We bought a sweater for Edlynne after mother mentioned that it was terribly cold that nite when they went for the food tasting.

Everyone took turns to carry Edlynne, but when the dinner started, Vincent carried her thru out. He was afraid that the Yum Sengs will scare her.

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Edlynne was okay that nite although she do fussed now and then, especially when she was looking instantly at the teddy bear key/hp gift chains, which I think she must be dying to sink her gums into. She've got 7 chains from all the aunties and uncles.

The food was alright and the service was good. However, Vincent was not full (as usual). Little Edlynne however, took her milk and then dozzed off...

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Edlynne with Daddy and Mummy.

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Cousin Triton with Uncle Julius (2nd BIL).

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Edlynne in dreamland.