Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Car Breakdown!

Today I have a seminar at Amara Hotel. Vincent and Edlynne came and picked me. We have dinner in Chinatown.

As usual, Edlynne was sucking her toes and we have overheard people whispering - "look at that baby", "sucking her toes", "so cute", "I thought babies only suck their fingers, howcome this one suck her toes?". Wow, so embrassing.

After dinner, daddy tried to start the car. Failed. Try again, failed. FAILED! OH NO!!

Suddenly out of nowhere, there was this guy, wearing a tiger beer polo-tees and taking some tiger beer (I think he is a tiger beer sales). He asked if we needed help and he could jump-start our car. Vincent said yes (thank God!). Mr Tiger Beer went to get his car after leaving his stuffs next to our car. Seems like his car was quite a distance away. He connected the cables and VOILA! Our engine STARTED!

Thank you Mr Tiger Beer! You let us know that there are actually nice people in Singapore!