Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cousin DiDi's Full Month

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We went for cousin Hin Sai & Angela's baby full month on Thur, 1 Dec as they will not be free on Sat. This is not the actual event, more like a family gathering.

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Baby was small but very beautiful. Last from what I've heard, they have not yet decided on his name, thus I called him cousin DiDi (boy).

Angela and I spoken a fair bit on breast feeding. I was glad that she have chosen to breast feed and hope that she can persist in it although I do understand the difficulties that she is facing.

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Little Edlynne was meanwhile entertained by all the aunties, uncles and cousins. At one point we left her crawling on the floor and she was trying to reach Uncle Julius and Aunt Claro, then suddenly she nose dived to the gound. It was a loud banged then followed by even louder wails. She was alright after some sayangs and continued on the journey to reach them.

P/S: I only took the baby fotos. The other two were taken by Triton (I'm the fat lady with the orange tank top). Hubby have asked why I would always keep fotos taken by Triton, they were horrible, not focused and somes, we didn't even know what was it. But I beg to differ, as I think that they were cute and its a view of a child that we were looking into. He commented thats becos Triton and I took the same standards of foto. :(