Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I need a camera!

I'm in desperate need of a camera. All these while I've been using Vincent's Sony P? (dun remember), its alright but its kinda big and I can't have it with me all the time. So I wanted one for myself. It must be slim, light, functional but easy to use (this is very important as I can't remember).

I've shortlisted a fews:

1) Sony T7 - Very beautiful but heard quite a number of nasty comments, esp. on Sony's product.

2) Cannon Powershot - Dunno what series, but when Vincent heard about Cannon, he commented that I should get a "real" camera brand.

Hmmm... what is a "real" camera brand? Fuji? Nikon? Olympus? So here goes...

3) Nikon Coolpix S3 - Not as good as Sony T7 from the reviews, haiz...


4) Olympus SP-700!! This is what it says in yesterday (Dec 6) Digital Life:

Image hosted by

There must have been times when you wished you had a camera to capture a great moment in your life - at a pub, on holiday, or a day out (Yes!). But your camera is too heavy to lug around (Right on!). Or, are you too ashamed to be seen with an old camera that dates back to your grandfather's time (Its not grandfather's time, but its old!)? Well, Olympus has the solution to your woes (Isit?). - I'm going to call Alan Photos today, I hope the price is not too steep.