Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back logged

I've went back to Salon Le Bis for my free treatment and they immediately saw my straighten hair. Anthony layered more of my hair to make it less heavy and Sybil re-permed my hair, she later found out that those part of my hair that was straighten were resistent to perm. It was very strange for them as they only found that in pregnant women. I've got another free treatment and the whole process was free. Two thumbs up for the service of Anthony and Sybil.

Saturday we went to Naxiang for some Shanhai Noodle and xiao long bao. That little gal was busy "talking" to ladies in the next table. Look at her, sitting like a big boss :)

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Tmr we are going back to Sarawak for Qing Ming and the HFMD news was not any comforting...