Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jaudice Alert

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We've been monitoring Wei Wei's yellowness which have started to get worst by Monday nite, so Tuesday we decided to sent him back for checkup.

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Dr Choy, Wei Wei's PD was still on leave, so we decided to go back to Dr Angelina. She requested that we do a blood test then she will let us know what to do later.

At the lab, little gal was very protective of her brother, she kept telling the technican -"No! No touch my baby!" "Baby pain, baby crying..." When hubby told her that he would have to sayang baby, she immediately push him toward baby and said "Go! Go sayang"

The result was a bit high at 237 and the admition level was 250. We were asked to come back the next day to do another test.

Wednesday, we went for the blood test again, this time not so lucky, he was at 284. We waited a long time for Dr Angelina who was attending to an emergercy, so I decided to change back to Dr Choy since he was now back in duty.

Though only 3 person, the waiting time was long, so daddy went back with little gal while I stayed with Wei Wei and waited. Dr Choy requested that I admitted Wei Wei for one day photolight and see if the level go downs to 250 by the next day. I was okay with that (what choice do I've). The nurses immediately sent a person to bring me to the PD dep. I saw them stripped him and put on the eyes covers. He was unhappy...

That nite, daddy, little gal and me visited Wei wei, he was still crying away when we arrived...

I managed to call Dr Choy the next day and he've some good news, Wei Wei's level dropped down to 170 and can go home : )